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ASSASSIN lyrics : "Too Show Off"

Yuh too show off, yuh too show off
Yuh tink seh you'se a giant, but yuh small like a dwarf

Yuh too show off, yuh too show off
Yuh ridin on a high horse, but wi tell oonu come off
Yuh too show off, yuh too show off

Yuh nah go get nuh milk cause yuh a play di boasy calf
Yuh too show off, yuh too show off
Cause pride have yuh holding up yuh neck like a giraffe

[Verse 1:]
And mek yuh lean way back inna yuh car when yuh a pass

Yuh ac 'neven a work and yuh still roll up yuh glass
Yuh treat di yute dem shabby, a play like yuh a boss
But now di bossin and di flossin, cyaan even yuh teeth yuh floss

Gwaan like a di world when yuh perform a minor task
Yuh quick fi lavish and full a established remarks
Gwaan like yuh have it, and neva have it when di yute dem a ask

Yuh cannot be a dolphin and a live amongst di sharks


[Verse 2:]

Dem cyaan handle success, when monarchy do di song
Yuh couldn't bear fi hear it cause yuh know a so yuh tan
Memba when yuh go a farrin, yuh 'neven stay deh long

Yuh deh deh fi bout one month, and yuh come back a twang
Yuh come back wid a couple brand and a couple grand
A show off pon yuh bredren dem, waan fi play di don

Check yuhself before yuh wreck yuhself (true!) marshall nuh wrong
Yuh bout fi meet yuh martyr di way yuh a galang

[Chorus x2]

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