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ASSASSIN lyrics : "Nuff Gal"

Den, nuff nuff, whole heap a gal
Talk boutall a fleet a gal
When yuh si mi a drive inna di, [x5]

Mi a roll wid, a jeep a gal
Fi too long, I don't keep a gal
Fi one year, doan repeat a gal


[VERSE 1:]
Mi get nuff gal wid di arguement weh god gimme
Di intelligence quocient weh god gimme

Gal dem weak to di stregt' weh god gimme
Gal a marvel over di lent weh god gmme
Thanks fi di compliment, a god gimme

Girls gone wild fi di talent weh god gimme
So doan resent weh god gimme
Mi get nuff gal, dat a di intent weh god gimme


Real gyallis haffi have nuff gal
King inna wi palace suh wi have nuff gal
Dat natural, fi have nuff gal

Mi a talk bere hot gal, yeah man! nuff gal
Nuh haffi bi nuh star fi have nuff gal
Nuh haffi have car fi have nuff gal

Chain nuh haffi rocksy fi have nuh gal
Like stars in galaxy wi have nuff gal

Bwoy ben tru wi tek weh dem philly
Ride lakka jokcey and smack dem silly

Yow, if a sheep, wi a ram like billy
Inna gal ocean wi free willy
Bwoy a gi gal roses and lilly

Wi tek off di panty hoses and drill I
Millie, wi tek charm an thill I'
An keep har warm when shi chilly

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