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ASSASSIN lyrics : "Girls Gone Wild"

Let it play (it's another!)
Gal dem getting crazy, crazy, crazy,
(Dem hear me name)

Dem getting crazy, crazy, crazy
(When dem see di chain)
Gal dem getting crazy, crazy, crazy

(If not me say me fame)
Dem getting crazy, crazy, Yow!

Girls gone wild,
When dem see di coil, we ah bling from a mile
Girls gone wild,

True we have money stock pile from ceiling to tile
Girls gone wild,
And me shoes ah straight reptile, yeah man crocodile

Girls gone wild,
Cause dem love di profile, me pearly white smile

Girls gone...
Gal dem get mad when dem see di jag with di 6 mil price tag
When dem see di seat with di Burberry plaid

Gal start carry on like a travelling bag
Style whey we have mek gyal want meet
We at the party like English and Eggnog

Party til we eye sag like we have jet lag, gal ah gwan bad

And dem ah get wild when dem see di ride with di leather inside

Girls gone wild,
Well comfortable seats soft like leather inside
Girls gone wild,

And a/c cold like North Pole weather inside
Girls gone wild,
True we have swiss account ah nuh cheese but ah cheddar inside

Girls gone...
Di same way bees love sweetie tings ah

Di same way girls love pretty tings
Cadillac whey have on some pretty rims
Can make some gyal do some freaky tings

Gyal wine like someting inna cage,
Natural no gyal whey underage
Gyal ah behave like caveman inna cave,

Jump and rave when we touch pon stage

Gyal dem ah get wild,

When we hold di mike, every gyal ah get psych
Girls gone wild,
A couple of dem bruk big fight inna di club last night

Girls gone wild,
Dem get extra hype, when dem see di video light
Girls gone wild,

And when dem under dem Smirnoff Ice yuh nuh think dem nice?

Girls gone...

Don't feel say me ah complain, cause fi mek girls get wild ah di aim
Bill mek Monica lose her brain,
And I guess is das why di dress get stain

Yow is a simple ting to explain,
Diamonds inna ring, diamonds inna chain mek dem get wild
But di juice from di cane,

Ah dat alone can mek dem tame when dem ah get wild

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