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ASSASSIN lyrics : "Do My Thing"

Yeh man, alright hear mi Scatta
Little more volume pon di

Rhythm, nice, nice
Alright turn up di voice now.

Do my thing living dangerously
Move fast, when mi past everything dusty

Now people saying, $$#assin must be
One of the roughest and di toughest in the industry
We smooth but we been crusty

So no chickenhead can't make dem wing touch me
No fish coulda never make dem fin touch me
No make none a di words that you a fling touch me

[VERSE 1:]
Cause drama, you don't wanna bring, trust me

Nuh feel seh di things what we a sling rusty
Dem scary like Friday 10+3
Little roach, you better approach cautiously

Yow, mi affi tell you cause obviously
You nuh know seh a we have di war bus key
And mi nuh no friends fi war, a just me

A defend wi ting anytime you rush me, now...


[Verse 2:]
Tell you straight no curve

Turn up di mic, make dem hear every word
All this debating getting on my nerves
Dem watch, dem chat, is like hating's the only purpose dem serve

So, we haafi swerve, avoid dem pests, pesticide dem deserve
And if a war is the situation, we got ammunition a reserve
We got a reputation to preserve, so right now.

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