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ASSASSIN lyrics : "Dem Nuh Know We"

To how yuh move and how it prove yuh nuh know wi
Tink yuh slick, pure hypocrite vibes yuh show wi

Coming around pretending you're my homie
But yuh phony
Dem a devil, man a rebel like tony

So dem sidung and a watch yuh like a sony
... vega... dutty nayga waan fi si yuh lonely
Full a dutty ways

Inna dem yah last days
Fiyah blaze

Praise di fadda only

[Verse 1:]

Dem woulda love fi separate yuh from yuh money
Wannabees, we make g's you make honey
Badmind go together like cheese and macaroni

Wid jealousy, so we have to rise di chromie
Man a godfather like don corleoni
Fool! list di order of yuh life wi a go dun it

Me and mi beretta inna holy matrimony
So before yuh tink fi mek a step, yuh betta low me


[Verse 2:]

See wi sportin and floatin, and waan fi drown wi
All wi do wi circle dem anytime dem try go round wi
Shotta flex wi have yah now, so mi bredda show mi

Nah go mek nuh bwoy come cut mi up fi doctor sow mi
Dem see man a move fast and waan fi slow wi
Come wid dem bag a loose talk try fi throw wi

Off wi meditation fi laugh and clown wi
But betta yuh crown mi
Cyaan dethrone mi

[Chorus x2]

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