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ASPHODEL : Rivers of the Nether lyrics

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ASPHODEL lyrics : "Rivers of the Nether"

Lead me to the abominable abode of the dead
Nether, through one thousand needle pain
Acheron, bringer of woe and affliction

I smother life, cold destroyer of the flesh
Waters that carry the tragedy of fate
Dark are they, for dark is demise

Anathema, the grand fall begins

As the boat of Charon is approaching

A shiny lake of tears caught my eye
Cocytus your sour taste, the suffocating lament
Of a million souls

Hate, your name echoes into one's soul
Styx, you're inside evermore

Now that I carry no light and all light is devoured and lost
The anti-queen is by my side, eats all light
Your name echoes into my soul in endlessness

Pyriphlegethon, your fire is so loud
Where boiling sinful hearts bathe into your wrath

Don't come and poison me
With that toxic drops, I fear thee
Derived from the deepest depths


Fading memory of a burning sun, bright

Your new dawn is my dusk
Farewell to thee, cool breeze of aether in fall
There wont be no fall or rise

Slave of the nether ground
The shiny stars of hope are gone

Take me to the distorted realms of truth and past
Lethe unfurl your veil of nothingness

May in your holy nectar peace I find
Lethe shroud me in your emptiness

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