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ASPHODEL : Clandestine lyrics

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ASPHODEL lyrics : "Clandestine"

If i have to pick you off the ground,
I'll tell the doctors that you fell,
I'm sick and tired of fuelling the fire between us,

And if you have to tell me one more time,
It's not your fault it's always mine,
I'll keep quiet,

But you start a riot inside me,

I will not surrender,

This is not how we will leave our embers,
Burning into dust,
If I keep my silence,

I will not let this turn into violence,
Calm my restless mind,
Through the head and heartache,

All i've learnt is how to lie for your sake,
Just to keep the peace,
We know what's at stake,

Bend my bones until they slowly start,
Start to break,

Darling, can you feel it,
Gnarling, twisted secrets

Time after time after time after time,
I fall to my knees as I'm losing my mind,
Sign after sign after sign after sign,

We've seen this before but we closed our eyes,
There's no possibility of keeping this alight,
We've used up all our flint and now we're losing our light,

For this is at the point where we can no longer pretend,
I hate to break it to you but darling,
This is how it ends,

Darling, can you feel it,
Gnarling, twisted secrets


Darling, can you feel it

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