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ASHNEY PATRICKS : Step Out lyrics

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ASHNEY PATRICKS lyrics : "Step Out"

Lookin' at myself in a mirror
Tryin' to see the dreams I must fulfil
Welcome to the land of crazy girls

With nothin' but a fancy world
I'm wonderin' if I'm really gonna fit in
Cus I'm feelin' so nervous

My heart's beatin' like a radio
Cus my life's going out of control
Won't let my life get out of control


So I'm gonna step out
Singin' my song and breakin' the dancefloor
Shake it till I feel I'm breakin' up inside, oohoo

I need to step out so I'm takin' my time
I'm not in a haste cus I got all night
To turn it till I feel I'm burnin' down inside

Starin out my window endlessly
To see what's going on down the street

And wonderin' what I'm still doing home
When it's girls' night at the club
I should call my girlfriends to meet me up

Cus I really feel like spinin'
I'm feeling like I'm gonna loose my mind
If I don't go out tonight

I just need to go out tonight


I need to take my role tonight and prove myself
To know I'm stong enough to keep my head held high

I'm stepping out and reaching for my reality
Cus I wanna show the world

(Chorus) x2

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