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ASHLEY TISDALE lyrics : "Why Did You"

(Solo)Last night we hooked up and now were not.Last night I gave you my heart and now you gave it away.I guest I'll give it to someone special,too.Oh now I found a real LOVE and he'll be with me FOREVER.I gave my heart but the very next day you gave it away.Late night you kissed me and we were hooked up.Why Did You gave your heart to some other girl the very next day,and now I'm sad and I'm too worry to cry about you.Am I the bait of your plan?Or did your girl put up with this?Why Did You gave it away.I think your going over the top,about this love thing!It's the worst day for me yo go out.Tonight I will sleep in someone's else arms and I will give him my heart.Why Did You?Well are you lookin at me,again?
Why Did You? see my last night

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