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ASHLEY TISDALE lyrics : "Me And You"

I know I'm just the avergage girl
But I think I can use a little hook-up with you

Me and you are meant to be
The stars shine on me and you
Telling me we're meant to be

But I know we're meant to be
Your so perfect for a girl like me
Me and you are supose to be together

I can't say I hate you
I can say I love you

You can't say you love me
Why try hooking up with you
You've got the charms but

I can't be with you cause
I know you hate me and I don't
At the end you come up and say we're meant to be

No way to know for sure your lying
Me and You, oh whoa
I know I make mistakes

Me and You, oh whoa
I try not to be a hore
Me and you are meant to be, oh, whoa

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