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ASHLEY TISDALE lyrics : "E.v.i.l. B.o.y.s."

Those boys are always up to something,
And it's bringing me to tears,

Cause just before you get home
It always just magically disappears!
Those boys are evil!

But before you get home they somehow always clean up the mess!
[Vivian:] (Testify Candace, Testify!)
[Candace:] Those boys are evil!

Let me spell it out for you mom
E-V-I-L B-O-Y-S!

They built a roller coaster,
And a beach in the backyard!
Drove cattle through the city,

And messed up the boulevard!
They took me back in time,
When we went to that museum!

They built fifty foot tree-house robots,
But still you didn't see them!

Those boys are evil!
Their crazy shenanigans cause me all kind of distress!
Those boys are evil!

Sing it with me!
E-V-I-L B-O-Y-S!

I know you think they're saints!
But mom I'm here to tell,
Those B-O-Y-S they're just E-V-I-L!

Those boys are evil!
They're making me feel like my head's in the hydraulic press!
And that don't feel too good!

Those boys are evil!
E-V-I-L B-O-Y-S!

That's what I'm talking about!
E-V-I-L B-O-Y-S!
That's right those boys are

Evil little boys!

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