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ASHES TO EMBERS : Beowulf lyrics

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ASHES TO EMBERS lyrics : "Beowulf"

Slay the mighty god, he'll enslave me
Hrunting, will peirce, the backside
Wilst glances rest away

Make haste into the lakeshore
the killing sea
Grab hold the pommel hrunting

the mother feeds
She clenched him by the throat
and pulled him underneath

So its goodbye to all you know and love
Homeground the open handedness
The giving of war swords

Everyone of you with freeholds

Reveiw the past brave knights

that tried and failed
Whence the battle ensues
Let the blood and steel be as one

For your pride

Of land our whole nation will be disowned

Once princes from beyond, get tidings
of how you turned and fled and disgraced yourselves

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