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Ashes Of Eden : Wasteland lyrics

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Ashes Of Eden lyrics : "Wasteland"

Suck in all the air about you
And claim to be individualistic
No more than the billionth clone

Of a pre-fabricated media drone

(Verse 1)

Mass marketed soul in a buyers market
Oblivious to the manipulation of corporate gods
Incestuous breeding of your hate through generations

Shall eventually lead to your downfall


No! We will not show you sympathy
Content to be outside
Your social heirarchy

(Verse 2)
And the day will come when the weak shall rise

Above the strong
In a murderous frenzy they rape your world
All governements crumble and your empires will burn

And their children will play in the ashes!

(Repeat chorus)

(Repeat verse 2)

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