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ASHERU : If lyrics

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ASHERU lyrics : "If"

[This is Insomnia]


If it wasn't for this and it wasn't for that
Oh, this would be a better world [x2]

[Talib Kweli:]
Yes, ladies and gentlemen
You do have Ken Starr in the house, and Asheru

Talib Kweli

[Ken Starr:]

If it wasn't for the way that we live
Too many single mothers raisin' our kids
Too many brothers caged in the pen

Engaged in the bid, enslaved by the pigs
If it wasn't for crooked cops that pop shots raisin' our wig
That send slugs reckless

Plus these thugs with a death wish
That take your life for that ice that flooded your necklace
The blood of the helpless and innocent

If it wasn't for so-called friends that turn Benedict
Snakes in the grass and crabs in the lake
Cause I'm black and it's late, get harassed by the jake

And blasted with eight times five plus one
Lethal deposit, reach for your wallet, they bust guns
That why I trust none and I keep to myself

I can't blame cats that pack heat in they belt
And quick to clap, never givin' in
If it wasn't for this and that

It'd be a better world that we livin' in


If it wasn't for a mic check I wouldn't have a check at all

Nowadays you can't live that way
The market's way too unstable
There's too many pimp labels

Playin rappers like a ho, manhandlin' the dough
Demandin' them to go run the track to bring the loot back
Now you playin' for the team and the captain is cream

You got the dream to push a mean two-seater
With a diva ridin' shotgun just to say you got one
You make the songs but labels only want the hot ones

Send you back to the drawin' board until you got some
Now I guess we got problems
Even your all-creative mind ain't enough to try an' solve 'em

The doors revolve and younger cats are starvin'
They want it more than you, might go to war with' you
To reap the heap of gold that's at the end of the rainbow

You can't be mad, man, that's how the game go


[Talib Kweli:]
Yeah, come on, yeah, here we go, yeah...

I'm 'bout to show you what this black power is
It's the red, black and green on the wrist, how I live
In the cold world, where we bust off the black llamas

Every winter where we lose more sun than black mamas
If hip hop got seasons, right now it's spring
Life when e'rybody sellin' death, kiss the ring (yeah)

You know how it go, people change colors like autumn
Kids learn through experience, $#&@ what a teacher taught 'em
Puff a woolie for boredom, rough or at least accordin'

To parents who paid enough attention to at least ignore 'em
Blowin' up mics, throwin' up signs, but how, ^!$$%
Is you confusin' it with crime?

When they write the history books
History looks past prisoners of war
That's what my listeners are for

We turn a tide on this $#&@ery[? ]
Ride on this $#&@ery[? ]
Shoulda never let me in this industry

You stuck with me

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