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Asher Roth : Running Away lyrics

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Asher Roth lyrics : "Running Away"

[Verse 1:]
A cold war

Colder than four Coors
Extorted and sold short

Curious, poor George
Fury is four
And this is the floor

It's like the story of the tortoise
Or delivery stork
Ultimate warrior

More Mickey Rourke
It's been reported there's a shortage of the barbecue pork
I try to ignore it like somebody who snores

But it's important
Can't afford it
Like a four door sport

"I'm euphoric, "
I retorted
I've been bordered up by border

I'm a sort it out in order
I don't need your support
I don't give a %#@!

Not interested in anybody's listening
Do it for the gist of it
It's just what my condition is


[Verse 2:]
And yeah I'm having trouble sleeping
It's definitely my fault

Is it another reason I'm completely in downfall?
Maybe it's just the season
Mercury rounds off

Right on my mid heathen
Yeah I'm secretly "wow, Roth"
Telling me this is freedom

Then I need you to vouch for it
Feel like life teasing me
Feeding me South Park

Fighting to keep the peace
Maybe need to get out more
This machine cheats

Time to even the route score
Stuck in the downpour
Alone and I'm outdoors

Hoping that it won't keep going though
Moving the doubt for
Realer than who you keep around

Sure to look out for
So you can tell it's found
Never leaving without yours

I sure


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