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Asher Roth : Not Meant 2 Be lyrics

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Asher Roth lyrics : "Not Meant 2 Be"

Sometimes I can't help but wonder why
Why there can't be me
Why I can't be I

Do I have to cheat?
Do I have to lie?
Do I have to steal?

Do I have to rob?
Why do problems always start with the good guy?
If I was a prick would I be on top?

Million dollar homes, Million dollar yachts
Corner office and my secretary hot

Wait a second, I think definetly not
My integrity is the only thing I got
Being selfish going to get you a couple of stocks

Leave you broke though when everything has stopped
Order to succeed, What can you only try
What you really need you can never buy

So I breathe deep how I spend my time
The way I see it, we was only meant to die

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