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Asher Roth : How Many Bars lyrics

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Asher Roth lyrics : "How Many Bars"

Baseball adjustable cap backwards
Walk by your crew, you're like, "that nerd's

On my last nerve", but it's all good, doggie
Cos I have your girlfriend with my coffee
That's twice a day, yeah, twice today

Girls would be abstinent if I was gay
When I talk to her I just keep it brief
Walk down the street with my peen out my briefs

Yeah, I'm a monster socially
Private counselors teach girls to get over me
Barracuda [email protected]&(, swimming past ovaries

All ya'll thought white boys said was "totally"
If you're looking for me I'll give you a noogie
Yeah I get more head than a hoodie

You're gonna get it, how much you wanna bet?
Drop my pants, what you see is what you get

[Asher Roth]
Slim fitted, dim witted, get with it (get with it)
See your Benz dented, me and my friends did it (yeah we did it)

Committed the dumb %#@!, dum-ditty
I did it in one sitting with just a dum-ditty
Come get it, I'm coming to some city

This summer the sun's gonna feel suddenly strong, ain't it?
Goddammit the planet be so damaged
I can't even go roll without my suntan lotion

No, son, take a look up out the ocean
All over the globe what was frozen is now erosion
And being pulled to the coast with your mom's best friend

And her son called ozone holes and
Sippin a mimosa
Mama in the back yard baking up a loaf of

Something so soulful
Hoping this banana bread
Gimme any hand full of that and I'll dismantle it

Had to hit up Cannon when I landed in Atlanta and
Told him how we about to go ahead and save the planet and
Da-da-tantling, back up with my Dj

We be cleaning house now, put this one on replay

Alright um...

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