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Asher Roth : BAD DAY lyrics

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Asher Roth lyrics : "BAD DAY"

F/ Jazze Pha

[scatting for first 12 seconds]

[Asher Roth]
Uh, and it just keeps goin (yeah)

And it just keeps

So I'm in the airport getting ready to leave

Heading to a friend's wedding in the N.Y.C.
But my head has been spinning, I'm forgetting to eat
All this jet setting has been really getting to me

It's already 11:20, I'm ready to sleep
But instead I end up sitting in a 27-C
An aisle seat, fine by me

But the guy that's inside's always tryin to pee
With a wild child behind me, he's cryin and keeps
flippin out and kickin at me while he violently screams

So I silently plea, oh God, please
Let there be a honey sitting 27-B
But of course some morbidly obese

beast is in the seat that wheezes when he breathes
Dude sitting D is at least three deep
And he keeps telling me what is wrong with his knees (I got bad knees)

Osgood-Schlatter, just need water
But for a bottle they charge two dollars (what?)
And when I thought that it couldn't get worse

I forgot my iPod

[Chorus: Jazze Pha + Asher Roth]

I'm havin a bad day
Nothin ever seems to go my way
Everybody needs to go away

Why? Because I'm havin a bad dayyyyy, yeah
Hey hey, and it just keeps goin (keep goin)
And it just keeps (goin on!)

And it just keeps goin (keep goin)
And it just keeps (goin on)

[Asher Roth]
So four hours and turbulence
We land when I'm about to turtle my pants

But the captain has "Seatbelt fastened"
So my $$# is just passin gas and
Then at last I escaped from the plane

when I'm minutes away from clinically insane
I make my way towards baggage claim
when I hear a high-pitched voice scream my name (Asher!)

Some dumb (*##$ I went to high school with
While she's sweating she's telling me she likes my %#@!
I just smile and think, 'bout how great it would be

if I could just hit this chick with a quick leg sweep (leg sweep)
So I pick up my L.L. Bean
And beeline for the next taxi

In need of weed, and boxer briefs
But my bag's only got Maxi's


[Asher Roth]

I check in to my hotel room
And I pick up my cell phone to dial the groom
Tell him my mood and I'm ordering food

And I'm probably gonna stay in and watch a movie
But the tube has no HBO (what?)
So anything I want, yo I'm paying fo'

But I'm lame and broke, so I'm laying in a robe
Watching that "Little People, Big World" show
Right then there's a knock at the door

It's my last hope for a Spanish [email protected]^%
who will change my sheets in exchange for ^&@#$
"Hi, I've lost my cat; have you seen it?"

Jesus, this day is the worst
At least I can give Little Me a jerk
And then go to sleep, healthy and disease-less

It guess it could be worse; but I'm just


[Jazze Pha]

Hey, and it keep goin onnnnn
Hahahaha, yo

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