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Asher Roth : Back Home(ft. Chip Tha Ripper & Whatzisface) lyrics

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Asher Roth lyrics : "Back Home(ft. Chip Tha Ripper & Whatzisface)"

yeah, as comfortable as a mug
the rug under my feet you see it keeps me from pulling it up
i'm young, i got my lunch packed in brown bag ?

i even think i got a snack pack and dad pays for gas
in the hatch back front seat, lean back when i leave it there he always gets mad
turn the base on the ?up the fall, let it blow

roll the windows down and let's roll
i'm home, feel so good knowing there's a bowl of cereals and milk in the fridge
when i wake every morn never fold my own laundry

dawg, are you feeling me?
i pay no rent, no bills, no utilities, as
good as it gets but no regrets when i turn my back on it

tell my parents i'm gone and don't wait up
be late, when i make the name famous
the smile on my face ? of the great place

when i get back home i'ma kick my feet up
got man food to eat up, winter take a pu, who left my seat up (what the?)

i read the paper while i'm pushing them trouble times
plus the ? for ? wipe them my double ?
toothbrush new and clean my shoes whether get

main shower all clean no pubes and a wet dream
the dudes on my count ?chicks on my cribs
with just a ? that i rode and a 6 in my fridge

i got my hand on my balls while i'm hanging my draws
and with my ? blouse i ain't taking no cause
so with you know like i know be ? immature

so i'ma sit on my couch chill watching some [email protected]$^
cause when i ?gone dawg i be on some ?
you know i be ? with my parents

but wait a second, my folks don't have a ?
oops, my bad, seems this is the wrong address.

i'm in the [email protected]&(t call ? did i take the garbage out, sure didn't
i'm straight tripping, gray slipping
i'm on punishment can't even slide to their house

party where all the honey went down
cartoon network, mtv, bit, and tv jams, vh1 history
? working for whoever paying me except the police

stay up all night kicking raps and smoking don't get no sleep
and ever since i broke that table in the kitchen
they be taking my allowance as the payment for the ?

cut the grass, clean my room and all that bore
kicking new rap to the ? when i get to score
my [email protected][email protected] doug took me to city blue to get the gear

throw back some jayz ain't that why we here
i'm 13 again hopped up in the hot tub time machine
can't walk?begging on how to win.

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