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ASHEN REIGN : Simple Things lyrics

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ASHEN REIGN lyrics : "Simple Things"

To see trouble coming and to turn away
Is to be blind side
You won't see it when you hit the ground

Just to swallow your pride

Life is moving by you way to fast

It's gonna pass you by
Enjoy the day, take a breath of air
Look up to the blue sky

Don't miss out on life
Take time to see the light

You got to change your life

Enjoy the times

Ever changing Times
In a simple song

Life is what you make it
And if you let em they will take it

Stop and smell the roses
Take the time so no one opposes
This is your only dance

Don't leave it to a game of chance
Don't work your life away
Tomorrow brings a brand new day

You been working hard all your life
Chasing the rainbow

When time is money and the money's gone
Where did the time go

There's got to be more to life than this
Slow down and you'll see
The simple things that compose your soul

Will allow you to break free

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