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ASHEN REIGN : Hope lyrics

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ASHEN REIGN lyrics : "Hope"

You see the morning sun
But you can't be the one
They built around it

But you can't wait

As you fall deep and far

You see a shooting star
They built around you
But you can't wait

Hope is the only one
If you fail, it will run

It fell around you
It's too late

Hope is always there
When all that's left is despair
Hope will rain on you

And soon you'll need hope too


Hope is the only one
Who can't escape the bitter fate
It's waiting there for you for you to hold

The bitter cold, the one you wanted
You can feel it's warm embrace
It's weary face you're much too late and

It is looking down at you, you think you had
The one you wanted

You can walk the ring of fire
The one you lost, it's your desire
You can't break free

You're bound by fate

It reaches out to you

It wants to rule you too
You can't break free
You're bound by fate

You try to turn away
It's with you til the grave

It fell around you
You're bound by fate

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