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ASHANTI : When I'm With You lyrics

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ASHANTI lyrics : "When I'm With You"

Featuring: The Muppets

Where my brain should be

there's a cavity
where most folks have hearts
I've got old spare parts

now I'm on my own
in the great unknown
and its more than one person can bare

Ahh where...

Well now I've got some smart new partners
who can help me think things through

folks say I'm just
a hick on a stick well
that may be true

(say it's true)
but when my stuffings not enough
I know just what I should

do la dee do
see I don't miss the brains I'm missing
when I'm with you

I used to be romance compatible
I wrote sonnets and waltzes and more

but now that my heart is mechanical
it only beats four on the floor
ah nice

Now you've got friends who'll
stick beside you

and well reboot your old CPU
wow I don't miss the heart I'm missing
when I with you

I wish my stage fright weren't so terrible
my jokes never garner a roar

with us you can try new material
you see that's what friends are for

Now you can sleep without a nightlight
and forget every creek bang and boom
hey I don't miss the spine I'm missing

when I'm with you

And we've got something right together

so lets all get up and go
well over achieve
wear our hearts on our sleeves

get on with the show

Now we are in the right direction

and I see all our dreams coming true
hey yes anything is possible
when I'm with you

I feel so sexy
wow a shrimp that shimmys

Our acts unfloppable
troubles are hoppable

its all so logical
well be unstoppable
cashmere is washable

anything is possible
when I'm with you

I'm with you
I'm with you
I'm with you

I'm with...

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