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ASHANTI : Fight (Over Skit) lyrics

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ASHANTI lyrics : "Fight (Over Skit)"

[Ashanti:] Yo, we need to talk
[Guy:] Here we go again. What we need to talk about man?
[Ashanti:] We need to talk about us and what's going on.

[Guy:] Yea that's what we need to talk about?
[Ashanti:] You know, I've been thinking. I don't, I don't think I'm gonna be able to forgive and forget all this %#@! you've
been doing.This just aint working out.

[Guy:] Yea,you know you've been thinking, you know I've been thinking too, you know what
I've been thinking. I've been thinking the person that I got with aint standing in front of me. You done did a whole flip
and changed on a ^!$$% man.

[Ashanti:] Yea well guess what? You done changed. You know all this %#@! you've been doing. You know, how you expect me to be
the same person. I'm not the same person. Why? Cause of the %#@! you've been doing.
[Guy:] So what the $#&@ you saying man?

[Ashanti:] What am I saying?
[Guy:] Yea. What the $#&@ are you saying?!
[Ashanti:] I'm saying: IT'S OVER!

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