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Call me Joey, I'm a bad $$#, Harlem world like Baghdad
Come through with a black flag , some Supreme Vans and the half cabs
(*##$ is on her pad-add, $#&@ her with her fat $$#

I get gets, my dick licked, my friends hit , that's swag , swag
What the $#&@ you mean? I been sitting clean, sipping lean
Alexandra Wang that's the $#&@ing jeans, triple beam

When I serve the fiends, hit you with the beam chopper scream
Leave a ^!$$% dead, $#&@ing with the team, magazine
Choo-choo that train go

Drink slow, my chain gold
Soo woop where your true blue, don't get your block, yellow tape though
8 bricks get it shaved off

Yeen' Ho Yeen' know
Range Rove or the bank roll
I shoot you and change clothes

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