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ASAP ROCKY lyrics : "Wavybone"

[Juicy J:]
The hustle continues
Gettin' money is, gettin' money is

Put your mind to, something you want
Getin' money is, gettin' money is
It come true

[Hook - Juicy J:]
Gettin' money is what I do, thought you knew

Gettin' money is what I do
Gettin' money is what I do
Gettin' money is what I do

[A$AP Rocky:]
I remember all the nights on different corners spittin' pitchin' water

Now I'm richer off the %#@! I thought of
From the home of the richest ballers
I'm Richard Porter mixed with Mr. Porter

This picture all the jiggy %#@! I ordered
I went to France and almost got deported
The fans is screaming when I hit the border

I visit Nice like it's my sisters daughter
Vision broad, I thought of all the different kids and all
!@^% without a sip of water, time to get my %#@! in order

And do somethin' different, gettin' tired of the same old %#@!
When I'm spittin' lines, 'bout the section lines, I sit you kids who listen for us
I see prison for us until we pull back, that's a true fact

Get money, yeah I do that, thought you knew that


[Pimp C:]
Candy low slider, I'm a sole survivor

Keep a suite in my riser, (*##$ I'm keepin' it liver
Did not envy Joe, I thank fans, talk slow
He think he want a war but he don't really wanna go

Gettin' me some head from Sheryl Crow
A helluva blow, from a millionaire snow
You can waste your time, with the goody goody two shoes

Now I'm puttin' em on the spot, I give a ho the blues
I'm touchin' on a @@#!, I put her on the block
You think I'm startin' over, (*##$ I ain't never stop

Poppin' the trunk, and testin' the pills
Don't give a $#&@ bout where you're from
Don't give a $#&@ bout how you feel


[Juicy J:]
I'm the best still in this game, I'm rich (*##$ like Rick James
Gotta group of hoes in MIA, get a condo in Biscayne

The Louis store I drop bands, the Gucci store I drop bands
Prada store I went ham, my left wrist it cost a lamb
Your girlfriend a groupie like Trident she wanna chew me

Hell naw I ain't cuffin' 'em I'm a dog just like Snoopy
And when I leave the mall it's sold out, erryday shoppin'
Taylor gang, blowin' money, 50,000 on wrist watches

100,000 in a plastic bag, we takin' off, (*##$ pack your bags
(*##$ I came from hell and nothin', damn right I have to brag
Try me and I'll pop your $$#, stupid ^!$$%, get a body bag

All I talk is money ho, rich ^!$$%s don't lollygag


[Bun B:]
Get money is the main reason most people wake up

The root of why most relationships is startin' break ups
While ^!$$%s get haircuts, and (*##$es do makeup
While we take their penitentiary chances, we shake up

It's an everyday struggle for the almighty dollar
Some is in the streets and some is workin' blue collar
Real up in your field and man it make you wanna holler

Say your prayer for a player, amen inshallah
Been like that, ain't a damn thing change
Money on mind, the red of my brain

Candy paint is gonna drip that stain
Lean on left, the grip of my grain
See ain't a damn thing change but the weather
So If you ain't breakin' bread then we can't even sit together

Gettin' money is what I do

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