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ASAP ROCKY lyrics : "Untitled"

[Verse 1]
^!$$%s pistol popping like it's 1999

I was 9 maybe 10, then again never mind
Press rewind, back in time before rappers dropping dimes
Trap or die, choppin' pies with cliche's all in they rhymes

That was Gucci, Prada and anything designer
Money, power, the whole enchilada
Commas, dollas, the greens and the guava

They serve you to your flocka if you disrespect that blocka, blocka
Choppas on eaves droppers, $#&@ these choppas I'm about it
Grindin' like 2Pac with Biggie Poppa, yeah you outer but I'm hotter

Car jacking, pistol packing, motha$#&@in' choppers clapping
Metal jacket automatic magazines hate on traffic
Window smashing, windows crashing

Pants sagging, $#&@ your fashion
Yeah a ^!$$% run Manhattan, back in Cali's where it happen
It's Gucci, Escada, and anything designer

Groupies, poppers they all gonna swallow?
?they hating a lot, medulla oblongata
[Verse 2]

Maserati like Atari with no car keys push to start it
New Bugatti, 2 Bugatti's, Testarossa, new Ferrari
Lamborghini, system bumping, me no warried, rastafari

This the hardest supersonic, systematic, too !@$!ed
New Versace, new apartment, bigger closet, newer carpet
Hit departments, cool it all, must set my goal if you accomplish

Shoot a target cause you the target, moving targets, new accomplish
Kill the game but still regardless, beat the charges, do the honest

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