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ASAP ROCKY lyrics : "Tim Westwood Freestyle"

[Verse 1: Asap Rocky]
We use to wear rugged boots now it's all tailored suits
Audemars piguets for my criminal recruits

Champagne flutes, bumpin' rhythm and the blues
Partner made bad moves, he might end up in the news
Or end up in the tombs or living in the boondocks

Riding by the rules i'll abide by it soon
See the situation we sophisticated goons
Know you live by the gun then you die by it too

^!$$%s call me prophecy, swagging and philosophies
White on white wagon call that mother$#&@er Socrates
Rat $$# ^!$$%, fighting for a block of cheese

Catch me out in China stunning yea I'm about my guapanese
Shoe game serious so serious, bop her knees
^!$$%s say I'm blessed my bad I forgot to sneeze

They your reasons though (*##$
I got some tissues for your issues tell 'em blow this

(Westwood what's good man?)

[Verse 2: Asap Rocky]

She just started to pop it for ??? in the back and tell me baby I'm trill
I started to smack it and enjoy it and I'm lovin' the way that it feel
Chilling it with Westwood

And you know she like to get me cause I sex good
After that, we go in London town and shut it down
All my UGK the kings of the underground

Rollie and parolees, and parolees wanna stroll me
Woly woly holy, woah camoly (*##$es blow me
^!$$%s do all my dirt by my lonely, and you tony

You phony Toni baloney, I'm pimpin' macaroni
I swear, Sony, play em like a Playstation
^!$$%s think they taint hatin', I don't give a $#&@ I stay makin'

Don't let that tec, hit you in yo neck, came for that respect
Gimme the check, with some set (*##$es, all dank on that debt
And they sipping and they drinking on that nectar

Swear I get these (*##$es with the heckler
And I'm chilling with my ^!$$% Westa
Tim Westwood from the Westwood

And I come through in your neck woods
In your neck of the woods, in the neck of the hood, in naked goods
And they givin' me goods on my wood

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