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ASAP ROCKY lyrics : "Purple Kisses"

It's so easy to fall in love

It's so easy to fall in love

[Verse 1: A$AP Rocky]

Purple kisses on her neck, thinkin' 'bout the day we met
Body drippin' sweat, eat that, eat that #~!!@ wet
Purple silhouettes, purple drank and cigarettes

She is my addiction, ^!$$% need a Nicorette
Trill $$# misses, $#&@ her with a ?
A$AP tat cause that's what a ^!$$% rep

Style fresh to death, show you (*##$es how to flaunt
And the Yves St. Laurent, or her Izabelle Marone
When Jay-Z out, tryin' to take me out

When these magazines try to play me out
All my ex-girls tryin' to fade me out
But the internet was finished so it's crazy how

[Hook] x2

[Verse 2: ]
Okay wait, now hold up, lemme switch that flow up
For her to come over and you just try to control her

Ever since I growed up, I been got my dough up
Now I'm smokin' more blunts and I'm sippin' 'til I'm throwed up
Tore up from the floor up, tore down from my toes up

Get throwed 'til I throw up, but I'm pimpin' like I'm supposed to
Got the illest chocha, reason why I chose her
Mami is a rider and see me I be that roller

She hate a rap ^!$$% walkin' with his nose up
She date a rap ^!$$% walkin' with his toes up
Take your (*##$, close-up

Another fake imitation, just a poser on a poster
I did it again for my coach uh, went past the ?, traded it in for a Rover
Just to get a ^!$$% chauffeured, driver pull over, tippin' and dickin' these hoes

I'm slippin' from feelin' this sober, window is rolled up
This purple pistol on my shoulder, undress and I sex and I hold her
Caressin' her breast with my head on her chest I'm a loner

[Hook] x2

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