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ASAP ROCKY lyrics : "Public Service Announcement Freestyle"

It's like Swizzy blowin up a doobie
Tell a (*##$ she like me, rolling with my crew
And I'm like Kool G Rap chillin in a coupe with a

What? And I get a uh?
You know I got that camouflage on
And I came to war, bring your guns on

And I'm a full foot long like a foot long
From Subway, remember my young days
I'm too on!

Through the glisten and glamors
We pose for the cameras

Ghetto ^!$$%s with me, they pose with their hammers
Ghetto girls with me, pink toes in the sandals
No dirty laundry, get your nose out my hamper!

Clothes in my hamper? Bathing Ape camouflage
Brands from Japan, you would think I was a samurai
Drop top, Jeremy Scott pants, rich as Hammertime

Getting dirty money but I keep my hands sanitized
Shout out to my mom, give props to my pops
Cause my dad made this mutha$#&@in swag that I got

^!$$%s getting mad cause we brag to the top
You mad cause you you, I'm glad that we...not

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