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ASAP ROCKY lyrics : "Niggas In Paris Freestyle"

[Verse 1: Asap Rocky]
Ball so hard mother$#&@ers wanna rob me
First $#&@ers gotta rob me

And you better come through with the police department and the army
Don't give a F, cause I got the vest on my chest
And I'm not superman but I step when I through to the death

And I rep to the death better step to the left
Yes, yes what I do I'm fresh fresh, fresh to death
I'm the best when I dress, dress, dress to impress

What you say, you at left, and I put it to the tec
To your brain to the right of your dome blow your brain to the left
POP, POW don't give a damn and I came through the town

London down came to shut it down, king of the underground
Rolex on my left arm, - on my right arm
Got your (*##$ on my right and we party all night

Last night I was with Trapstar and you know we party hard
And you know we had some laughs, couple giggles hearty har
Don't give a F about these chicks

Tell 'em suck a dick cause they on my tip
What you mean I flip, I flip, my watch tick tick, and she tick and tick
You don't wanna get in trip, you don't wanna mix with this

I will fight you, I don't like you, get like lightening what you mean?
And you know I come through in that super six, it sit so clean
On your TV screen, it's a dream

I can't hear nothing, turn it up 'til I scream
Where the volume at, put it to the max
Need to hear that bounce, bring it back

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