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ASAP ROCKY lyrics : "M's"

[Verse 1]
What's this I see?
^!$$%s tryna act like Gs

Got A$AP, got Fergy with me
It's a new day, no Black Eyed Peas
That's that %#@!

Yeah that's that %#@!
(You ain't got no Flacko in your Serato?)
Motha$#&@a better flash that %#@!

^!$$%s drink [?] of the Clicquot
(*##$es sniff rows of the kilos
Flacko makes sales of the flico

She knows, went to ATL for my C-Note
'Member, I ain't ever have no home
Now I got a penthouse and a beach home

Back when I was rockin' least (2 Chainz!!!)
I was trappin' off at least like three phones
Millionaire, made the plan

Then I paid myself and I gave myself an advance
Way before I became myself
I'd like to thank myself because I made myself the man

Say lately I ain't myself
I'd rather hang myself before I play myself
I tell her, "Throw on the dress with the pinstripes"

Know the one that fit the booty all skin tight, that's right
Yeah you that %#@!
Mhmm, mhmm, yeah move that %#@!

Frontin' like you did it for the fellas
Get all the (*##$es jealous when you do that %#@!
But my neck is gold, the rest is froze

Sex and hoes, best of both
Girls and girls, perpetual
Sippin' slow, take this slow

Comma, I'm about decimals
Chill and get faded
%#@!, surprised that we made it

Young ^!$$%s know the sky's the limit
All I ever wanna do is chill and get shaded
Chill and get faded

%#@!, surprised that we made it
Nowadays stress overrated
All I ever wanna do is chill and get shaded

I wanna see you take it all off

And she just wanna make it harder
And we just finna take it longer
Get impressive with them diamonds though, them diamonds

Talkin' about M's

Talkin' bout M's ^!$$%, M's
Make 'em talk about, make 'em talk about M's
^!$$%, talkin' bout M's

^!$$%, talkin' bout M's
^!$$%, talkin' bout M's
Make 'em talk about, talkin' bout M's ^!$$%

Talkin' bout M's


It's like lately all I seem to think about is M's, ^!$$%
Talkin' 'bout Ms
See the same thing all up in my bank account

Ms, ^!$$%, talkin' 'bout Ms
And my YouTube account say the same amount
Ms, ^!$$%, talkin' 'bout Ms

[Verse 2]
Finna go in, go ham like Em

Flacko do hen, 'till I'm worried 'bout them
But I don't even trip though
Bruh bruh, yeah I'm really with the %#@!s though

My my, I get hypnotized when them hips go by
Those tits, those thighs (right)
You that %#@!

Mhmm, mhmm, yeah do that %#@!
Do it like you got a point to prove to any chick
Any dudes that you that (*##$

[Pre-Hook] + [Hook x2]

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