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ASAP ROCKY lyrics : "LVL"

Clams Casino ^!$$%


Mister Pistol Popper
Flocko Locked And Loaded

Lifes A (*##$ And She #~!!@ Pop (know why)
Cause I Got Her Open

That #~!!@ Soakin'

$#&@ Is You Promotin'
Yea, You Claim You Rage,

You Hatin' Like You Live In Oaaak-laaand?
Im A Ride Town ? ^!$$%s With The Roof Back
Introduce You ^!$$%s To The New Swag

Make You Say A ^!$$% Grew Up Too Fast
$#&@ Im Posed To Do With All This New $$#
$#&@ Im Posed To Do With All This New Cash

Thousand Dollar Drawers, %#@! To Hold My Balls
All I Ever Do Is Let My Jewels Sag
Hot Gone, But The Juice Back, Get Your Popcorn

Juice Snacks, It's A Movie ^!$$%, With A New Cast,
Get The News Flash, That The Truth Back,
This Is Spoon Back, Mixed With New Raps,

Look At All The ^!$$%s That I Blew Past,
Flow By Ear, To The DuRag,
^!$$% Make Way For The New Jags

(YEA) (UH) (YEA) (UH) (UHHH)

It's Mister Pistol Popper Screamin' $#&@ A Copper
I Just Bought A Crispy Choppa Finna $#&@ Yo Blocka,

Even Cracked The Pavement Thats Beneaths Yea Hatin'

I Been Impatiently Waitin' To Show You ^!$$%s Satin
All This Talk Of Illuminati Ain't Got A Clue About Me
(*##$ Im Trill-Maluminati And Got Mah Crew Behind Me

Shootas Round Me,
Keep Them Lootas Round Me,
Keep A Toula Round Me,

Better Keep You Fools From Rami,
Couple of them dudes surround me,
Wit a gat,

Wit a strap,
And a backpack,
When they cap cap,

Leave you frap,
Better back back,
On a fast track,

Better tap,
^!$$% dats dat,
^!$$% pass dat,

Finna ash,
Where the hash at,
Got a cash stax,

Wit a $$#,
Finna smash dat,
Make Em Cash That,

A$AP then I pass dat ? off,
To my ^!$$%s then she ask,
?Where the cash at?

I See Dead Peopll(EEE) (UH)
I Need Dead People

Lord Pretty Flacko Byiatch
I Behead People (UH)
Kneel And Kiss The Ring

All Hail The King (All Hail The King)
Long Live ASAP Put That Or ErrThing (Errthing, Errthing)

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