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ASAP ROCKY lyrics : "Jodye"

(*##$ mother$#&@ers tryina fake a trip
Sneak diss, you justa make a bail
Now the world won't take your set

When I met you you was painting nails
Leave the mother$#&@er laying still, bang him with the stainless steel
Cuz I'm making the order

Love is the altar, pulling it louder
Go get some my soda, you're bringing a soldier, ^!$$%s is washed up
I've been down in Florida, shoots out Miami, goes out in Georgia

Been in New Orleans but still in New York, a ^!$$% the talker
Taff, ^!$$% we bossed up
Bounce, but when you talk to the lord

Caution! Foster! Bow down like a mother$#&@in peasant
Still that pretty mother$#&@er
And you know Harlem's what I'm reppin ^!$$%

$#&@ them other ^!$$%s cuz I'm down for my ^!$$%s
$#&@ them other ^!$$%s cuz I'm down for my ^!$$%s

$#&@ them other ^!$$%s, I'll ride for my ^!$$%s
I'd die for my ^!$$%s, man $#&@ them other ^!$$%s

Please talk to me Lord
I am here for You Lord

Can you feel the air getting brayed and Sophie sniffed a line of yay
Playing space, bumpin Jimmy Hendrix's Purple Haze
I fully took the face, call my homies from around the way

Give me that #~!!@, I'll be on my way
But grab the gimmick so the (*##$ don't get no cash about me
Pretty ^!$$%, I'm a jiggy ^!$$%, ask about me

$#&@ ^!$$%s talkin trash about me, but you know I took the gage
It could make any problem go away
Talkin J, talkin yay, that mean you ^!$$%s soakin cray

Razor blade across your face,
I'll fix my face and walk away
I guess then there's nothing more to say

Trill ^!$$% to the death but the hell world the pearly gates
I think back to my early days
Pumpin that (*##$ in that roldo

It's a bit different, now switchin and flippin that raw flow
Substance get me higher, reefer and some fire
The devil is a liar

By his preacher shall retire
Jesus walked on water, I'm preaching to the choir
Long Live A$AP, now bow to your Messiah (*##$

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