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ASAP ROCKY lyrics : "Celebration"

[Intro: ASAP Rocky]
You know what this is
It's a celebration (*##$es

Grab a drink, grab a glass
After that I grab your $$#

[Verse 1: ASAP Rocky]
(*##$ I hustle every day, you could check my resumé
Bad Spanish (*##$, one kiss'll take your breath away

I could bag your girl in a broken down Chevrolet
Swag through the talk and I ain't even gotta decorate
I was 21 when I bought my mom a condo

A guitar and a gift card down at Costco's
It's a cold winter when it's blowing past my goggles
Penthouse, top floor, window with the gargoyle

Performance down at Santos, Phantom suicide doors
Paparazzi slide-shows, showers with the slide doors
One night, five shows, two-seater, five hoes

Eyes closed, I can see them hating through the blindfolds
^!$$%s better switch it if the business ain't the convo
I'm all about my chicken ^!$$% you could call me Roscoe's

If I wasn't spitting I'd be probably flipping waffles
I suppose God knows I coulda been a snot-nose

[Hook x2]
Get money every day (Every night we celebrate)

Get money every day (Every night we celebrate)
(*##$ I hustle every day (Every night we celebrate)
Every night we celebrate, Every night we celebrate

[Verse 2: ASAP Rocky]
$#&@ is all the talk about? $#&@ these ^!$$%s talking 'bout?

%#@! I know it sucks cuz we the only thing to talk about
I been down to ATL, I seen how they walk it out
Cali Crip Walk it out, show 'em what New York about

What these ^!$$%s hating for? $#&@ these ^!$$%s hating on?
I'm what they debating for, I'm what they been waiting on
Out there tryna take it slow but taking slow been taking long

Know I'm on the paper trail until I get my paper long
When I'm in the kitchen, catch me with my apron on
And it's back to business, ASAP is where they belong

And we on the grind, that's until I get my paper long
See your ^!$$%'s face every time you turn your cable on
Mami why your leggings on, face down $$# out?

Tylenol and codeine got a ^!$$% 'bout to pass out
Catch me on a grind and now a ^!$$% 'bout to cash out
Get money, hella cake, every night we celebrate


When the boys roll, pull up on the block
Still we hustle, cuz we run the spot

I'll be on my grind, every night dawg
'Til the coffin close, and my lights off

I hit 'em up, like my name's Shakur
Count my dividends, I'm allergic to poor
I hit 'em up, like my name's Shakur

Stack my paper up, I'm above the law

I hit 'em up


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