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Archive : Distorted Angels lyrics

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Archive lyrics : "Distorted Angels"

Winter is waking
Calling on motion
Fueling descending

Falling unending
Caught up in circles
Distorted angels

This place is crazy
God itâ??s so cold

I can see in your eyes
A stone up in your hair
You say when youâ??re mine

Praying praying for
With the sting

Of your tears
Burning through the ground
Thereâ??s a fear in your eyes

Ouh ouh ouh ouh ouhouhouh

Enclose surrender

Breaking is tender
Sliding disfigured
Driving that death drum into your heart

Caught up in static dreams
Distorted angels sing

Why are you driving it into your heart?
Cause you move through this world
As a stone up in your hair

And you hold in your hands

Dying dying for

A release from the tears
That holds you to the ground
Close the fear in your eyes

wouh ouh ouh ouh ouh ouh

Violence is crushing

Rushing and played by
A brutal obsession
To shatter the buildings and throw out the line

Caught up with angels
Distorted angels

This dream is fading now it is gone
Cause you move from this world
With a stone left in your hand

You have in your eyes

Searching searching for

A feeling of the tears
That burnt you to the ground
Thereâ??s a fear

Thereâ??s a fear

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