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Aqua lyrics : "My Promise To You"

It's one year together
And I loved you right from the start
There's nothing that's better

And nothing to keep us apart
Now I wanna tell you
How special your love is to me

Cause this is our night
Gonna make it just right
And show you how love's gonna be

I'll take care of you

When you want me to
And do the things you want to do
If you stay with me

I'll give constantly all the lovin' you wanted from me

This is my promise to you,

From my heart and my soul this is true
Bring you happiness
Give you all the rest

Spend all my time on you
This is my promise to you,
Darling nothing will ever hurt you

Cause your happiness is my happiness
I'll always, forever be true
This is my promise to you

Oh, yes, I remember
There were days when nothing seemed right

I needed somebody
Needed someone to share my life (share my life)
But I never dreamed about a lady like you loving me(lady like you loving me)

But now everyday, I thank God as I pray
For sending my angel to me


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