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Apes Pigs & Spacemen : Take Our Sorrows Swimming lyrics

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Apes Pigs & Spacemen lyrics : "Take Our Sorrows Swimming"

Businessmen lose millions, no one asks where did it go.
Soldiers become heroes shooting people they don't know.
Innocence is tossed away without a ray of hope

And corporations poison us, but only criminals smoke dope.


Ahh, don't expect too much from me.
Ahh, the only help I can be is

Take our sorrows swimming
Charity is for the living

When you feel all hope is dimming

We can take our sorrows for a swim

Instead of drowning them.

We're wading in the swampwater of superstitious times.

It seems the darker you portray yourself
The brighter you will shine.
Politicians ask us to give credence to their lies

And churches claim your soul
But only criminals get high.

Pre, chorus, etc.

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