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Apes Pigs & Spacemen : Do I Need This lyrics

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Apes Pigs & Spacemen lyrics : "Do I Need This"

I hope you're happy to see
Just what you wanted to see
In situ burning like you're only

Headless on a chopper, pourquoi?
I said, hey, you wanna cry?
I said, hey, you wanna die?

I said hey, I said hey,
I say hey, I say hey, I say

Hello, hello again
It's good to know it didn't end completely
Gunfire and happy days,

Funny how they get along so neatly.


Dying to be the one who ain't dying
You give me confidence,
But I ask myself:

Do I need this

At the start of every day
When our heads are all in pieces?

There must be another way
When the fun has come and gone.

Out of my face again
Wondering why everybody's leavingit seemed alright to me
But seeing is no longer believing,

Oh no no.

Pre, chorus.

Depict the picture as you feel it.

So, you live on promises,
Well, they don't turn up for too many people.
And %#@! that we can't take,

Just tell us it's a necessary evil.

Pre, chorus, etc.

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