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Anya Marina : Fantasy lyrics

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Anya Marina lyrics : "Fantasy"

You only come out late at night
Just like an animal in the moonlight
You're wrapped up tight in mystery

You've got me so fogged in that I can't even see


My friends say I'm caught up in fairy tales and dreams
And I confess, with you it feels like make-believe
'Cause you're a fantasy, you're just a fantasy, yeah

You're a fantasy, Darling to me
Do I really think I see you in the moonlight?
Really wanna hold you 'cause it feels right

Really wanna see you tonight.

Last night I swore I heard you call my name

Crawled through my window, took my hand and stole me away
Went to the drive-in, speeding like a runaway train
Woke up and smelled your scent in the morning rain


Woke up this morning, couldn't get you out of my head
I tried to call you up but the number was dead
Drove by your place, convinced that you'd still be around

But I saw a wrecking ball just tore your house down


Really wanna see you tonight...
Really wanna see you, sleep tight.

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