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Anya Marina : Afterparty At Jimmy's lyrics

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Anya Marina lyrics : "Afterparty At Jimmy's"

So I saw you at the fair, right?
With your odd school glasses and your bed-head hair.
What a pretty little boy. Hightops to match. Straight-laced with a sidelong grin. You had everyone laughing, killed over, tears in their eyes.

You're like a warm-up act for the next big thing. You've brought everyone to watch. All the children around, don't influence you and you get a [email protected]%!e back for your scotch.
Band play on! And the band played over. A couple of rollercoaster rides.
Afterparty! Afterparty at Jimmy's.

There's a room upstairs. Oh yeah, no one even knows it's there.
Oh that's good yeah. Oh yeah, the lights will turn on in a minute. Oh yeah. Ah.
Ha ha ha

So you say you got a band? MMhmm. 3 parts kinks, one part the jam.
You got soul on stage boy? How 'bout soul in the sack? Who knows?
I got a mind to determine that. Band play on!

Ah ah ah ah ah
Play on! Play on! Play on!

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