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ANOTHER RISING lyrics : "Separation"

And this dream it stays the same but lives are changed and these plans, that we
make, sometimes are re-arranged.

And the story that's told, are points from my perspective, to make this simple
life, that's vague and undetected, the choices that we choose of lives away from
pain, the pointless drama; the %#@! that drives me insane.

The fall that calls our name, the point it made to tell us were wrong. Tell us
were wrong, tell me I'm wrong.

And the story thats told, are points from her perspective to change this
single boy and how his lifes reflected a chance to get him back, a chance to

make things right about the lies he said and all the times they fight and even
though it hurts you have to let it go, because those pretty smiles, they make us
feel broken.

And our own defects are like a parasite, our lives created, to guide our path of

But things went right, when we went our own separate ways, I feel just fine.
Going our own ways

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