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ANITA BAKER : Wrong Man lyrics

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ANITA BAKER lyrics : "Wrong Man"

(Anita Baker)
I feel you moving, slipping away
I try to call, but I can't find the words to say

My lips move but they don't make a sound
I hear your voice but you're nowhere around
I close my eyes I can't find my sleep

My wounds will not heal, you cut me too deep
My mind is strong but my spirit is weak
I got back on my feet.

Well, you can be so cruel
Oh, I just don't understand

Do the tears that I cry, baby
Hey, does it make you feel like a man?
And I told you once, boy

Oh, baby let me tell you again
You can't do right 'cause you're the wrong man

You're the wrong man
You're the wrong man

You're the wrong man

I hear you calling but I ain't no fool

I've got to be stronger, I've got to get over you
Each time I cry it's a sign of my pain
Every tear that falls carries your name

All I know is it cannot go on
Everything I do for you is wrong
Ain't nothing I can say or can do

I just got to, I gotta get up child
I gotta move.

Hear me baby
Tell me what you want me to do
Ain't my my my, ain't my lovin' good enough for you?

I told you once boy, baby lemme tell you again
You can't do right 'cause:


You know I love you

Sometimes it just ain't enough
And I don't wanna leave you
Baby but I'm giving you up

And I told you once boy
And I don't wanna tell you again
You can't do right 'cause

You're the wrong man
You can't do right baby [Repeat]

I'd rather lose you, child
Than lose my mind, yeah [Repeat]

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