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ANITA BAKER : Feel The Need lyrics

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ANITA BAKER lyrics : "Feel The Need"

(Patrick Moten)
You've got to feel the need in me


So alone I feel at times wondering if you're truly mine

Can't you see the tears falling from my eyes
Can't you feel the pain I feel deep inside
My heart seems to bleed when I feel the need

To hold you in my arms and you pull away
Now I may be wrong but my feelings just don't lie
About this emptiness down deep inside, that's why

[Chorus 3x]

When you're around you make me feel so good
All of my worries are far away
Then other times you feel so cold

What makes you treat me this way

[Chorus 4x]

Everybody say that I got to be a fool
I got to be crazy for lovin' you

And I'm starting to wonder if there is truth in what they say
My mind says to leave you but my heart says I better stay
I want to feel like I'm something more than a passing though

from you
I need to know that the things you say are true
I want that sweet, sweet love to fill me up inside

And let our two hearts come together for all times

I do not say things that I don't mean

If I do not live you I'd let you know
If I am not right for you
Won't you tell me so

Before you break my heart in two

[Chorus 5x]

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