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ANGIE MARTINEZ : Waitin' On lyrics

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ANGIE MARTINEZ lyrics : "Waitin' On"

(feat. Petey Pablo)
[Intro: Petey Pablo]
(That's right) that's right [6x]

That's right

[Chorus: Petey Pablo]

All that you've been - waitin' on! [7x]
All that you've been hey heyyy

[Verse: Angie Martinez]
Now everybody just bounce bounce
When we climb up outta' that truck

And you standin' out in that line
And we walk straight in - ^!$$% that's wassup
Straight to the V-I, where they got them bottles ready

My name good cause we kinda' heavy
Walk in with the hood and the cars steady talkin'
Wish I could, but our time is very important

You should find your mind already
Cause I got hot %#@!, hooks kinda' catchy
I spit so quicks no time to catch me, nah-uh don't stress me

Cause we, just came to make ya bounce
"Tear da club up" and clear it out
Thugs in the club: beef just air it out

Now everybody just bounce bounce

[Chorus: (2x)]

[Verse: Angie Martinez]
Now everybody just bounce bounce

Every time we jump on that stage
From page 1 through to 8
In the hallways or through the day

You know our name good, kinda' thick
Woke up in the spot with the shiny whips
Keep talkin' a lot - bring out the grimey chicks

Incase you forgot how the grimey get
^!$$%s surround this %#@!, let me remind you chick
How one hit can leave you all blind and %#@!

Have to send your little friends to come find your %#@!
But right now there's really no time to flip
Just bounce, get twisted, get ripped no doubt, that's

what I'm talkin' about
'Till ya whole crew, they walkin' ya out
Swear ya'll never drink again, sure no doubt

[Chorus: (2x)]

[Bridge: Petey Pablo]
(That's right) that's right [6x]
That's right (ok,this it it right here)

[Verse: Angie Martinez]
Now if you still bouncin' and this yo %#@!

Then ok, pump it in your whip
We get it crunk, in the A-T-L
Down in the south, baby blaze that L

Just bounce bounce, rep your hood
Rep your city, playa it's all good
This worldwide, any town any club

Unless you busy, you can party wit us
'Till the mornin' come, then we on the run
Then we do it again - cause that's how it is

On them ones, playa that's how it is
Talk money? it's done that, just biz
I get it on lock like "that's just a bid"

Every time I rock it's like "that's just the kid"
If you didn't know, now you know
Gotta get this paper, gotta go gotta go

[Chorus: (2x)]

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