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ANGEL HAZE lyrics : "Sufferings First"

I'm staring' at the view from the height of my past pain;
Ironic, I'm trying come in first if it's the last thing

They trying throw me off, but I won't let 'em pass me
They kill me with the hating, but I ain't in the casket
I gotta stay on top, gotta $#&@ing overcome %#@!

I had to learn to beat it like I just got a drum kit
Now my motto 'keep faith, stay strong
Be prosperous

Stay positive and $#&@ anyone that say opposite'
'Cause everybody don't wanna see you win
In the end, your biggest enemies may be your friend

Keep losing my balance;
That's the prize of a winner
So, I'm trying find God in the eyes of a sinner

'Cause me, I'm like the victim through the eyes of a killer;
Gun's aimed at her worth and the pride that's within her
I'm the uprise in the lives of the demise and devastation

The little piece of heaven left in satan, forreal


So what if it hurts?
The struggle is first
To live is to die, we all suffer the curse

And love is the cure until we're suffering worse
Pleasure is pain; the suffering's first

Pushed 'em out of my life, my friends say that I changed
But, how the $#&@ you make a difference and still stay the same?
They don't carry the weight; they can't handle the pressure

So they can see me evolve, but they can't capture my essence
My life is insane, and I don't get enough credit
But the picture ain't realistic like a Photoshop edit

How could you even be mad that I would wanna enhance that?
Just to have the option, like I hit the 'advanced' tab
So, $#&@ 'em all;

They'd rather see me fail
I hit the mainstream and my ship gon' sail
And ^!$$%s gon' hate, and some gon' applaud me

But I remain a problem that nobody's resolving
I got this ache in my soul and it's distant now
'Cause I'm hotter than the flames on a Piston now

I keep losing my balance, that's what trips me out
I keep my emotions inside 'til I'm flipping out
But I won't trip

I stand tall
Just keep my head
And hold on

I said, I won't trip
I stand tall
Just keep my head

And hold on


Sometimes I feel like I'm bound to be a sell-out
So I spit fire to try to let this hell out

To try to let myself out
This cage I trapped myself in
But I won't let myself in

I feel like if I lose sight of me, I won't let myself win
And I won't let myself end, I be damned if I do
I enjoy being myself; I be damned if I'm you

See, I give 'em what they need and that's that real %#@!
And I do it with my heart so they can feel this
That's why the words in my songs reach broken bones

Make 'em strong, show 'em they got more to focus on
And music is the only thing I put my hope in
Use words to capture my mute emotions

I'm like an umbrella top, how I'm hit with the rain
But I walk when it hurts like a ligament's sprain
And my thoughts like a frame to the picture I paint;

I get high off the green like the top of terrain
They can't extinguish the flame from my mouth when I speak
I got beauty and peace, like a tropical beach

And I got me some dreams that I won't stop 'til I reach
And Dr. King's speech in the mouth of a freak


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