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ANGEL HAZE : Lofticries lyrics

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ANGEL HAZE lyrics : "Lofticries"

My mind's an art gallery
Carrots, lettuce, celery
Never in a pickle

Catch me chilling with the cavalry
That mean that I'm god-like
You (*##$es need salvaging

And I spit like a paint brush
That is painting out a masterpiece
And I am like a jungle full of mother$#&@ing mega beasts

When I spit I break the first three letter of your legacy
Yeah, that mean I'm AO, hoe
Yeah, that mean I drill so

Deep into these fields, slow Sherron, cause I'm on your heels
Hold it, Sherron, cause I'm on that pill flow
That super $#&@ing real flow.

That bigger big Mac than a $#&@ing jet black
Stomp, wear high heel, flow
Kill me when these (*##$es fail in speaking that coherent %#@!

Did this on my own, (*##$, on my single pension

My mind's an art gallery.

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