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ANDRE NICKATINA lyrics : "Train With No Love"

Yeah, all aboard...
All aboard

I know it feels insane on a train with no love
Drugs all deep in the brain on a train with no love
I know it feels insane on a train with no love

... deep in the brain on a train with no love

%#@!, I know it feels insane on a train with no love

Drugs all in the brain on a train with no love
I know it feels insane on a train with no love
Drugs all deep in the brain on a train with no love

[Verse 1]
Man we movin' D, me and Jay Lee, that's my homie and we up about a ki

Business is good, got a new wife, I could do this for the rest of my life
Hang with stars, drive fast cars, still wear a vest for protection at the bar
Smoke me a spliff, talk big %#@!, never in my life will I ever will slip

Don't test me 'cause I'm fast with the steel, bullets come hot but they make cats chill
Ready to kill if a cat comes short, ^!$$% lord oh mercy dead on the porch
I gotta do this 'cause I can't hesitate, if I do it too early then I'm comin' in late

Called Jay Lee, he said "Cool, man I'm glad you got rid of that fool"
He said, "There's a concert goin' downtown, The O'Jays, Whispers and James Brown"
"Before you come can you make this round, we got a package comin' off Greyhound"

I said, "We do? Why you didn't tell me?"
He said, "I was off with the family"
I thought for a sec, then said, "Okay"

That's the homie Jay Lee, that's the homie from the way
Got the information, got to the spot, picked up the drop then I got popped
They said "We got you", read me my rights, and all I could think about was my wife

Got to the station, called Jay Lee
He said "It ain't nothin' I can do for ya homie"
Hung up the phone, I heard the dial tone

Now I'm thinkin, "What the hell is goin' on?"

[Verse 2]
I had a good lawyer, I got five years, Jay Lee did it to boost his career
Gave me up, to get a bigger cut and I didn't even see it cause I was caught up in the lust

Man this trial done made me broke, nobody's laughin' but I feel like a joke
My wife is there, she's filled with tears, she'll have a new man in five years
I got a cold heart, I ain't gon' lie, but that %#@! right there made me cry

Trapped in the cell, the first day in, my cellmate shanked me in the back with a pen
I could feel it go in, I turned for revenge, he started screamin' I killed his friend
I started to shake, he started to fuss, he said, "Over a god damn six hundred bucks!"

Man he could'a killed me, he started to laugh, he said I'm gonna have to live with my past
Let the demon sit up in my brain from bringin' that pain, from movin' that caine
I'm sittin' there bleedin, %#@! is misleadin, I'm in a hospital on the very first evenin'

Grittin' my teeth cause life ain't sweet
Now I'm trapped in the belly of the beast, %#@!

[Verse 3]
Three sixty five, I did it five times and I walked out without a lie in my mind
No red meats, I'm back on the streets, thangs done changed, it's a new game

Cats that I knew that was into books had flipped the script and turned into crooks
Homies would say that the playa Jay Lee would always say good things about me
I say, "Fo' real?"

They say, "Fo' real"
Too bad the homie died in a dope deal
"He left you a key for a mailbox, he said sorry 'bout somethin then stopped"

I took the key to the mailbox, opened it up, and you know what?
Jay Lee left me ninety-two g's and a note that read would I please
"Forgive me friend, for I have sinned, sometimes we forget what life we're in"

"I know money won't repay the hurt, but maybe it could wash away the dirt"
"Cause we were born with hearts of gold, but as we get old, the heart gets cold"
I folded the note, and kept it with me so I could always be with the homie Jay Lee

I thought good things, like before I done drugs, and before the train with no love
I called my wife, she was surprised
She took me back, now how you love that?

And just like that, I'm out of the game
That was the last stop on that train
%#@!, I'ma tell ya

And that was the last stop on that train

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