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ANDRE NICKATINA lyrics : "The God And The Stripper"

"Never get married"


[Verse 1:]
I never met a girl like you before

As I closed the Cadillac door, I said, "Hi"
She said, "Hello, your a handsome fellow"
I said, "Your a pretty brown yellow"

She start to laugh, she said, "I'm tryin to catch a cab
it's crowded Downtown and I got way too many bags"
Her perfume had the whole block bumpin

Lady can I call you or somethin
Your fine no frontin, she said she was menden a broken heart
Her last man had it, he ripped it apart

She had a mind like a scientist
Braken down the gods, the moon, the earth, the suns and guns
She said, "Call me tonight it's cool

I just have to work a little bit, no school", man holla back
I watched her walk to the cab
She rolled down the window blew a kiss then laughed

I gave a wave, thinkin I won't see her for days
Three hours later yo, my celly phone rangs
Yo what you doin? Man what you doin God I'm thinkin bout you

Girl I'm thinkin bout you, now what we gon do?
She said she's always busy, she's rarely home
And, the last few days she's been so alone

I said, "Yo, we in the same boat
if we were singers on stage we be probably hittin the same note"
She had a voice like an angel

Man with a touch of some game that"ll make some cats never say no
I said, "We should sit and eat
because I really ain't no telephone sex geek", man I hit the streets

Then I found out she was a stripper and

My mind just wouldn't ler me call her back, Khan

[Beat goes on until end of song]

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