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Could you be the baddest (*##$ up in the world?
Money aint a thing whip cream with a swirl
Baby you could ball or bounce

Lip gloss, floss up your mouth
Can I get the keys to your house?
Your skin color keep 'em in a daze

Its somethin like a maze
All bad (*##$es get paid
Baby you can put me in your grand design

by lookin in my eyes for the dollar signs
Because your face so bright like Las Vegas nights
Fill 'moe down rap cat in yo life

Man other (*##$es hate all the time
(*##$es tell lies
Feet hurt cuz they wear the wrong shoe size

But yours is a body like a cruise
How could you lose?
Go and get the money from the foo's

Man everything back there is jelly
made for those five star tellys
Cats cant wait to spend bread

(*##$ go ahead
Do it like Simon Says
If it don't hurt it aint done

Arch your back out
I'll pull a stack out that'll blow your back out
I like when your hair run wild in the wind

You and your girlfriend act like twins
But could you be the baddest (*##$es on the planet?
You got it goin on to where you man can't stand it

Well I'm not him
Leave that cat
Tell him you a ho and you like it like that

You think I don't like ya
You got it all wrong
I get goose bumps when I see that you call

You know that I'll ball like Barkley Charles
People like to stare when you walk through the halls
Put some steel in your heels

Chase the dollar bills and give it to a playa that's real
because ya at least once a week she like to kiss another freak
Fine $$# (*##$es sometimes don't speak

But (*##$ don't run from the ism
The ism aint a track star leanin in a fat car
(*##$es know I charge

I'm not a matador so you know I don't bull
Real (*##$es like to stay paid in full
Man, I don't do favors

This aint no caper
Get my paper
Leather black calf high boots

stuffed with loot
Attract those men in the business suits
You know I'm gonna lace you with game

Andre Nicky is the name
dope (*##$

Could you be the baddest (*##$ that exist?
Always top five in every cats list
Its never hit or miss you my (*##$

Even Santa Claus gotta spend chips
Its a cold winter
I'm cold when I go get her

She wear t-shirt and panties that don't fit her
and I'm gonna get at least a rack you best believe that
I holla bout scratch like a real rap cat

I get it off top man like it or not
I let my perm blow in my homie's drop top
She latch like a garter belt make a trick heart melt

First rate, high rate
and he's heart felt
You's a bad (*##$ you know I gotta say this

You'd be somethin that I wanna run away with
But until then tell your boyfriend
Its quick cuz I'm a (*##$

I'm not your girlfriend

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