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ANDRE NICKATINA lyrics : "Show Gone Wrong"

It was a Saturday night and I had a show
I'm in my dressing room with Bocco and some cats from the (?)
And they was blazing up the weed to the lord Sher Khan

It was a knock at the door "Are you ready god?"
I'm on the side of the stage man the place is packed
With dealas, feelas, ^!$$%z, women, yea drugs and macks

I hit the mike like a bottle of Courvoisier
And just when I was about to play man it went this way
A gun was shot up in the place man bu-buck buck buck

I seen this cat by the bar gettin' stuck stuck stuck
And other cats by the bar man pulled out their glocks
And that's when the whole place had got like piping hot

Man (*##$es screaming
^!$$%z screaming
Bullets flying

(*##$es crying
^!$$%z fighting
(*##$es fighting

It's kinda frightening
And all this at a show
Mother$#&@ers falling by the exit though

Gotta let 'em go
Gotta let them go
^!$$%z in here with a black four-four

$#&@ this damn rapping show
Now its 'bout to pop
Cause after that I think I heard like four shots

And all I remember after that was seeing the light
Insecurity singing Nicky you goin' be all right
I'm hella numb and getting cold cause there is no pain

The bullets caught me as I was trying to get off the stage
I think about my momma yea you know the lord Sher Khan
And in the back of my mind I wish I had some (?)

But yea homey macaroni-o this is it
I think this is the last rap I'm bout to spit
Kings of kings, lords of lords, gods of gods, sons of sons

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